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What to Pack when traveling

Does it happen to you that when you travel you want to pack your whole closet in your tiny carry one?! I hear you guys, it happens to me all the time! A couple of weeks ago I  was traveling to Denver for work and leisure and it was really hard to choose what exactly to bring; especially when you don’t want to pay that extra fee for your additional bag. Thankfully, I was able to manage a week and a half of clothes in my small Carry on and here are my tips!


  1. Go For Neutrals: This is really the key when it comes to traveling. For work, I always like to bring a pair of nude pumps because nude goes with EVERYTHING and ANYTHING!
  2. Pack One Piece Items: If you are traveling for work and you don’t know what to wear, then a dress is the answer. It’s literally the easies thing to put together. Whether you are traveling for work or leisure, a good dress will do the job.
  3. Pick Versatile Pieces: there are a of of time where a black dress can also work as black top when you pair it with the right skirt. I have used this trick so many times when traveling. It gives you more optionality with less items.
  4. Choose the Right Accessories: I don’t only means earring, bracelets and necklaces. I mean cardigans, bags, blazers. I get cold pretty easily, no matter the season, and it is important to me to bring a cardigan. Also, I tried to bring at least one blazer that I can pair with different outfits, even with jeans!
  5. Bring only the essentials! I know this is easier said than done and it could be more challenging when it comes to beauty products. Most of the times that feeling of bringing things “just in case” can make it more difficult. My best advice here is to bring one of a kind or bring sets. If you are still wondering what to bring check my current makeup favorites here!

I hope this post was helpful and let me know what are your tips when it comes to traveling.





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