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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Online Picks

Hello My Friends!

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. These past couple of days have been very exciting with all the shopping but very tirying with the lack of sleep. Anyways, it’s totally worth it and I love shopping. I kid you not I can spend hours and hours just going through the pieces included in the sale and even more time trying to figure out what to purchase and by the time I have made my decision, the item has already sold out in my size. This year the sale items are going fast.

In order to make things easier for you, I thought I would include the link to all the items I have purchased online. Most of them still have all sizes available and hopefully they will keep re-stocking. Also, I wanted to say once again that if you find something that you are not sure about getting it or if they do not have your size, I would still recommend for you to get it because you can always exchange it for your size even if the sale is over and at the end of the day, you can always return whatever you decide not to keep.

I will be picking up some items at the store but the majority will be shipped home so I will try to make another blogpost (probably two more) trying-on each of the items I got from the sale and try to include sizes. Links to each of the items are at the end of the post!


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