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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a couple of days away and this is probably one of my favorite times of the year, other than Christmas! ūüėČ While we are waiting until the day that we can finally start shopping, I wanted to share some info, tips and some of my fave picks from the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

When is the  Sale?

  1. July 9th: Icon Level Nordy Club member can shop
  2. July 10th: Icon and Ambassador Club members can shop in-store
  3. July 11th: Icon & Ambassadors can shop in store and online (starting at 11:30 am CST)
  4. July 12th: Early Access begins for Nordstrom Cardholders (STARTS at 11:30 am CST) Aka РI CAN FINALLY SHOP!
  5. July 19th: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to the public

*** The sale ends on August 4th and items go back to full price!

Tips to prepare for the sale

  • Check the Online Catalog: While the catalog does not show all the items that will be available during this sale, it gives you pretty good preview of what’s coming
  • Make a list:¬†I literally start a list of the items; including a short description and picture of the upcoming item. This way when I am able to shop for the item, I just copy and paste it on the website and I don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for products.
  • Check ALL THINGS PETITE BLOG: I have created a section dedicated for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and divided in subcategories by price and by type of item. I will be updating it as more items get restocked. Here is where you can also check all my sizing information
  • Follow me on the¬† app¬†or Instagram: I will be posting try-on‚Äôs on IG Stories, outfit ideas, restocked items, top-sellers and more.
  • Watch YOUTUBE videos:¬†As we all know, the Icon level and Ambassadors get early access to pre-shop the items so I like to watch youtube videos to more ideas of new products and outfit inspiration

Shop By Category

Items Under $50:

Items Under $100:

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Bags & Accessories:





Beauty & Hair Care:

Favorite Picks

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